So what is PASTE code? 

In the virtual world of online content, we have a domain that hosts trillions of links. These links contain different kinds of web content such as websites including blogs, PDF, spreadsheets, word, docs, videos, audio, and more. Offline, we have; radio/podcast, video/TV advertising, postal mailing (direct-mail), signs and signage, and more. 

"Paste code" is a simple to remember word or code, that contains numeric, or alpha-numeric code that can be given to an iMailApp user to access content on iMailApp. The sender of the "Paste code" can send this content either privately or publicly. 


Eco-friendly postal mail:

One of the main reasons why businesses still use direct mail marketing to reach consumers is to put content in front of consumers in an attempt to stay clear of the online media noise. While each business is attempting to do so, they do not realize what many consumers are faced back home in their postal mailbox. Consumers are overwhelmed with paper mail from all these organizations trying to reach them offline. 

While all postal mail are not created equal (some sent with good intentions), consumers have turned to consider all postal mail as "Junk Mail" because of its overwhelming and intrusive nature (buying of consumer address and sending unsolicited mail). 

With "Paste code", instead of printing content on a whole piece of paper or sending a catalog or magazine to a consumer's home, you can send a good design card with a "Paste code" with a reward which is equal to a fraction of the cost of printing and mailing to the consumer saving businesses significant about of money (i.e a simple business size card will cost way less to print and mail compared to a catalog or magazine, flyer, or letter).  

How Business use Paste: 

Just sending a content link, Paste code can be used to access contents. With iMail, you simply get a code word which can be numeric or alpha-numeric to access your content on iMailApp. It could be the following: 

Signature requests for consumers to sign via iMailApp instead of mailing a form for signature. Magazines or catalogs 

Letters and flyers can all be sent to consumers to easily access the content on iMailApp.  


Example: This is an example of a "Paste code" card sent by mail to consumers. In a normal world, this will be sent in A7 Invitation Envelopes (5 1/4 x 7 1/4) with a plastic credit card size with paper and flyers inside. The cost of printing, mail to consumers is $10 Est per mail to the consumer. In most case, the consumer does not read the mail, they simply put it in the recycle or garbage, in a case that the consumer reads the correspondence, they put it in the garbage after that (what a waste).  

In an ideal world, with iMailApp, you will send a business card size mail to the consumer with a "Paste code" with scratch-off capabilities. The user will then use the "Paste code" inside to access their content on iMailApp. 




























Is Paste code secure?

All iMail sent using Paste code are automatically sent with end-to-encryption. All businesses and Influencers sending iMail using paste code are verified. 

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