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How Paper Junk Mail Impacts the Environment - Stop Junk Mail and Save The Environment | iMailApp

We know you didn't sign up for junk mail. Virtually, nobody does. This clutter of unsolicited mail usually emanates from companies and businesses trying to market their products and services. And in some cases, from the negligence of some organizations. In this article, we will discuss the effects of these junk mail on the environment. And more importantly, tips on how to stop receiving junk mail will also be shared.

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Today, the world is moving from analog operations to the digital option. Almost all aspect of human life has witnessed this revolution and trying to catch up with this tide. This includes the area of messaging and communications. There are social media platforms and e-communication platforms nowadays that enable people to communicate in various ways.

However, these modern means of communication have not completely eroded one of the conventional means of communication; letter writing. While the world deals more with email and electronic correspondence these days, some businesses and organizations still use letters and paper.

The continued use of paper mail by these businesses and organizations has led to the issue of junk mail. Junk mail is a piece of paper mail that is of no particular importance to the receiver. In most cases, these mail are written to solicit certain products and services' patronage, convey irrelevant information, or provide reminders on schedules and subscriptions that the receiver does not longer wish to acknowledge. The definition of junk mail may be different to many people. Still, in the end, it translates into pieces of information that are not only useless to the receiver but also annoying.

In a bid to show the frustrating nature of these junk mail, Sierra Club, a non-profit organization, reported that 44 percent of junk mail thrown away unopened. This goes to show how much people don’t want junk mail and are ready to prevent its occurrence in their mailbox.

Effects of Junk Mail on the Environment

Unfortunately, junk mail represents about 50% of the total paper mail sent through the US Postal Service every year. This has led to several negative effects, especially on the environment. Some of these effects are explained below:

Depletion of Natural Resources

Because these junk mail use paper, it requires some basic natural resources for its production. These resources include trees, fuel, and other natural resources. Due to the sheer fact that these mail are not needed, their production amounts to wastage of the resources used in producing them.

According to ForestEthics, about 100 million forest trees are used in producing junk mail every year. The non-governmental organization focused on protecting natural resources such as forests reported that junk mail is one of the major causes of adverse climate change. The fuel used in producing and transporting these junk mail every year, according to research, amounts to the energy needed to power almost 9 million cars. This same thing goes for water, as about 28 billion gallons of water are used to produce and transport junk mail every year.

All of these statistics point to a sole conclusion; the prevalence of junk mail contributes to the continued depletion of the natural ecosystem. This effect has been one of the primary reasons why the world is witnessing an adverse climate change.

Cause of Waste

Apart from constantly depleting the natural ecosystem, junk mail is also notorious for the creation of natural waste. Junk mail produces approximately 51 million metric tons of natural waste annually. If you don't understand how huge that is, let me break it down for you. That amount of waste translates into

  • The amount of gaseous waste produced by over 9 million cars

  • Powering about 11 coal power plants

  • Adding up all the emissions in about 11 states in the United States of America

  • Grazing or mowing over 20 million lawns

  • Emissions from about 5 million school buses

  • Heating up about 13 million houses

  • Emissions from approximately 85000 airplanes on international flights

This is how much of a threat to the natural ecosystem junk mail is. There is no doubt that the reduction or total elimination of junk mail is essential to preserving and survival of our natural ecosystem and environment.

Putting an End to Junk Mail | Saving the Environment; introducing iMailApp

We have articulated the effects of junk mail and the reasons why we need to reduce it or eliminate it in all totality. While there have been many proactive steps towards eliminating and reducing the menace, the iMailApp offers an efficient and effective option.

iMailApp is a mobile application that has been designed to help end the menace of postal junks. The app has features that help you decide which mail you want to receive and the means of receipt.

How iMailApp Works to Stop Junk Mail

The app reduces the prevalence of junk mail through some special features

Take pictures of the junk mail you received and submit them on the app

You can then decide to continue receiving those mail in your mailbox on iMailApp. You can also decide to stop receiving these mail altogether. Either way, you stop getting paper junk mail.

The app then sends the request to the companies, organizations, and entities sending this junk mail. You will also get a copy of these requests for reference

You can also report any entity that continues sending the junk mail after the app's stop request.

With these features and many more, the iMailApp is out to eradicate the problems associated with junk mail. And what's more, the app is free for all. Download and install the app now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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