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How to Prevent Paper Mail Fraud - US Postal Security and Inspection | iMailApp

Paper mail, a popular means of communication, has been an important aspect of human lives. From reaching out to distant family and friends and sharing news of various kinds with different people, paper mail has played very vital roles in establishing peace and harmony between people. Moreover, in the business and corporate world, the use of paper mail to share information and develop business enterprises and the economy is immense.

However, despite the various beneficial uses of paper mail that have been highlighted, there happens to be some downside to it. Paper mail has been a tool in the hands of criminals and people of malicious intent.

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This illegal use of paper mail is regardless of locations and climes; this dastard act is carried almost everywhere. From defrauding innocent people to carrying out acts of terrorism and violence, the world has witnessed a steady increase in paper mail misuse.

In this article, Paper Mail Fraud will be discussed. Tips on identifying and preventing this type of fraud will also be addressed in this article.

Paper mail frauds are letters or mail sent with the malicious intent of ripping the receiver off his/her money. These mail usually mimic legitimate organizations telling recipients that they have qualified for some monetary rewards, lottery winnings, or goods purchases. All of these are to lure the recipients of such mail into paying some amount of money upfront to receive these rewards. When recipients of such paper mail respond by providing important information as required by these scammers or paying some amount of money to secure their rewards, they fall victim to these scamming tactics.

However, care should be taken not to mistake paper mail frauds for junk mail. While junk mail is annoying and frustrating, they are not sent to deceive the receiver. Legitimate businesses usually send them with legal and authentic offers. The major problem with junk mail is that they are unsolicited, and they reoccur with annoying frequency. Therefore, they are not as dangerous as paper mail fraud, which is sent to defraud you.

You can read more on junk mail and how to prevent them here.

Paper mail frauds can also be carried out when thieves steal mail out of your mailbox. While these mail may not have any important meaning or benefit, they are likely to contain vital personal information. This information can then be used by criminals to swindle you or commit crimes in your name.

Types of Paper Mail Fraud

There are different ways by which paper mail fraud can be perpetrated. Some of the most common ways are discussed below:

Lottery Scams

Lottery scams are perpetrated through mail bearing news that you have won enormous money in an online lottery. In most cases, there is a huge chance that you have not even entered any lottery. Furthermore, this mail will tell you to send some amount of money to some account, so that the retrieval of the lottery winnings can be facilitated. Once you pay the specified amount of money, they either come up with more excuses, requesting you to pay more or they cut off all communications with you.

Competition Scams

In this case, the mail received will bear the news that you have won some prize, be it money, cars, vacations, or any other form of winnings from a competition. This type of paper mail fraud also bears a resemblance to the lottery scam, as you will be required to pay an advance fee before your prize can be released. Also, there is a huge likelihood that you have not entered any competition in the first place.

Employment Fraud

In this type of paper mail fraud, letters are sent to people who are seeking jobs, giving them false hopes about securing a job. The victims of this fraud are either told to pay some money to confirm the security of the job they just got or request for some financial, bank, or important personal information that can be used to commit crimes.

These are the popular types of paper mail fraud that are common in society. Others include telemarketing fraud, financial fraud, and sweepstakes.

How to Prevent Paper Mail Fraud

Paper mail fraud causes a lot of harm and hurts people. People lose their money, savings, and are implicated in different types of paper mail fraud. Below are some helpful tips that can help you guard against paper mail frauds

  1. Check the Vitals: Check the vitals of the mail you received. Check for any loopholes in the message sent. If you received a letter telling you that you’ve won some prize in a lottery or competition, check if you have entered any lottery or competition in recent times. You should also check for seals, logos, and symbols on letters received from purported business organizations. These checks may help you identify potential scams even before reading the content of the letter.

  2. Protect your Mailbox and Personal Information: Ensure that your mailbox is safe and secured at all times. There should be some form of security at the mailbox, preventing thieves and strangers from stealing your mail. Also, avoid keeping paper mail in the mailbox for long. Open and discard your mail as soon as you can. You should also shred your discarded paper mail before putting them in the recycle bin. Thieves can steal discarded paper mail from recycling bins, hence the shredding. You would notice the mention of recycling bins instead of garbage. It is environmentally safe to recycle paper than dumping them in the garbage. Therefore, in order to help the environment, stop the use of paper mail, or recycle your used paper mail.

  3. Use iMailApp: The iMailApp offers the most efficient and effective option in preventing paper mail fraud. iMailApp is a mobile application that has been designed to help you receive your mail in an electronic form, reducing or totally eliminating the need for paper mail. When you reduce the number of paper mail you receive, you have secured your mail from thieves that may want to steal it for obtaining important personal or financial information. iMailApp also has features that help you prevent paper mail fraud, especially after identifying them. You can take pictures of the fraud mail you received and submit them on the app. After submitting them, you can set the app to prevent the receipt of such mail.

Furthermore, every organization using iMailApp is either pre-vetted by the app or added through a user unsubscribing from the use of paper mail. This means that by using the iMailApp, you eliminate the possibility of receiving fraud messages which comes in form of spams, as only vetted organizations, and those you give access to can send you an iMail. The algorithm used by iMailApp helps eradicate spams in your iMailbox.

With these features and many more, the iMailApp is out to ensure that you are safe from the antics of criminal minds seeking to defraud you of your money. What’s more, you also get to help the environment by reducing the number of paper mail in circulation. iMailApp is free for all. Download and install the app now on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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