• Iya Tchuinkwa

Unsubscribing from Political Flyers (New rule) - iMailApp

Announcement - We are in an election season and as expected, consumers are getting bombarded with postal flyers from political parties, political groups and candidates.

As this happens, many consumers are using iMailapp to unsubscribe from these flyers. 

While we can help consumers unsubscribe from these postal political flyers or mail, just like other kinds of postal mail we help consumers unsubscribe from, we are taking extra precautions as we review requests to unsubscribe from political flyers.

When we receive a request from users and the correspondence addressed to <"Current Resident or "Subject name"> but the subject name is other than the submitter of the request and that request  is not a political correspondence, we are able to complete the request, as in many cases, the subject may not be part of that household or the entire household/address is targeted.

In the same scenario above, if the submitter is different from the "subject name" addressed on the mail piece image submitted at the time of unsubscribing from the postal mail, we are NOT able to complete such requests. We believe that this is a sensitive issue and we expect all requests to come from the person whom the mail was addressed to.

If the mail was addressed to <"Current Resident"> ONLY and no "subject name", and it is a political flyer, we will gladly complete your request. 

Download iMailApp to unsubscribe from paper junk mail, flyers, catalogs, magazines and more and it's free.

Download iMailapp >> https://bit.ly/3c1AWls

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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