Consumer Reimbursement policy

Last Updated: November 25th, 2020




Notice to mail solicitors


By Law, Rowan v. U.S. Post Office Department, 397 U.S.728 (1970).                                                                                                                  

Consumers have the right to subscribe from an unwanted/unsolicited/solicited postal mail. 

Organizations are required to take action to ensure that consumers are taken off their mailing list. While we do not guarantee the organization will make a timely decision to ensure you do not get postal mail at your address, it is up to the consumer to take further legal action after our attempt(s) to request their name, address(s) be removed from their postal mailing list. 


We require and urge organizations to take swift action in ensuring that they refrain from sending consumers more postal mail after receiving our request in accordance with the law. Failure to do so may result in more actions as it rests upon us to ensure that our promise to our users (the submitter of a request to remove personal information from the postal mailing list) is achieved. Not complying may result in negative reactions from consumers against us, which may affect our business reputation. We may name the subject who submitted the stop mail request in any litigation in relation to a matter related to the services we provide.

We do not sell our user's data. Please do not contact us to buy user data or advertise to our users. 


User Service cost and Reimbursement 

We incur costs to make a request to organizations to unsubscribe consumers (users of our services)  from postal paper mail. By submitting a stop mail request, you agree that we will obtain the cost of making that request on your behalf from the mail solicitor (the organization that sent you the postal mail). This cost may vary depending on the cost of stamps, and the handling cost which is based on burden rate calculation.


 We do not take responsibility for organizations that do not comply with taking action to remove your name from their postal mailing list. 


We do not charge consumers upfront for our services. The cost is transferred to the mail solicitor (the organization that sent you the postal mail). 

Our services are free of charge if organizations sign up to get consumer stop mail requests electronically as we incur a minimal cost to complete such requests electronically. 


 We may decide to reimburse the consumer a fraction of the amount we collect for our expenses from time to time if the consumer’s stop mail request meets certain criteria listed below. When we have to reimburse consumers for a share of the burden fee and handling cost (Paper, stamps, and logistics), we will do so only after we receive a paid invoice from the organization. 


When you are issued a credit, that credit will become available in your  “iMailApp” wallet and you will be issued a debit card once you achieve "a" balance on your wallet. Debit cards are issued by “Privacy, Inc” and you agree to comply with the terms of use on “Privacy, Inc”. Debit cards are issued for spending or donating to any organization within the iMailman ecosystem. 


We may choose to change any reimbursement offer at any time and may choose to end the program at any time without notice.

Stop mail request guidelines

The following are the requirements to qualify for the Consumer Reimbursement Program: 

  1. You will only be issued reimbursement under this program for a stop mail request accepted and completed by us and when an invoice is issued to the organization and paid by the organization that sent you the postal mail. 

  2. We do not take Route choice into consideration with our consumer reimbursement program. Route choice is the decision you selected to either get iMail on iMailApp while you subscribe from Postal mail or the selection you make asking an organization not to send any postal mail to your home address, giving them no option to send you iMail. 

  3. Mail that is addressed to someone other than you may not be completed except under certain circumstances and you will not get any reimbursement for any such related mail if an invoice is paid by an organization. 

  4. Mail addressed to “Current Resident”, “Current Occupant”, “Current Resident or Subject name”, “Current Occupants or Subject name”, maybe qualified for reimbursement, are not eligible for reimbursement program except the subject is the submitter of the stop mail request. 

  5. Stop mail requests not showing a subject name (including Current Resident, Occupant), and address section are not qualified for reimbursement if the invoice is paid by an organization except the sender's address and receivers address are printed on separate sides of the mailer. We use the paper mail to prove receipt of mail being stopped. 

  6. Stop mail requests submitted on behalf of an adult in the household will not be honored and as such will not be eligible for the consumer reimbursement program. 


It is best to follow the stop mail guidelines and requirements needed to participate in the consumer reimbursement program. 

We work for the environment, We represent consumers and we provide solutions to businesses.